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Different Trampoline Types

If you’re thinking about buying a trampoline for your household, either for use a source of entertainment or a piece of equipment to use for exercise, it’s important to know a little bit about the types of trampolines that are out there on the market. The trampoline was first invented in the 1930’s by man named George Nissan that was inspired by the way trapeze artists would fall into the safety net and then spring up for one last flip or trick. Today, many trampolines still use Nissan’s simple design but with updated materials and trampoline accessories to make them safer.

There are hundreds of different brands of trampolines available on the market today, and the most noticeable differences are in size, shape, and color. However, the most important thing to think about when choosing a trampoline is how you’re going to use it. Each trampoline type is designed to fill a specific purpose, and if you don’t think about whether your purpose matches the design, you could end up without a feature that you need, or paying for something you don’t need. The main types of trampolines are recreational, competitive and mini.

The recreational trampoline is perfect for a family where both adults and children will be using the trampoline. They come in a variety of sizes so they can be chosen to fit just about any yard space. Because the trampoline mat on these varieties is so large, it’s never a good idea to use them inside, although they can be stored in a garage or shed when they’re not in use. These trampolines are the most likely to include safety features like a trampoline pad, anchor kit, and trampoline enclosures. A mini trampoline is like a tiny version of the recreational trampoline, but small enough to be used inside the house.

The competition trampoline is designed to be sturdier and include a trampoline mat that’s made out of a special type of fabric that can bend and stretch without developing tears or holes. These trampolines are typically the largest and heaviest, because they are meant to be placed in a gym or workout area for training athletes and competitive trampoline jumpers. These are typically the most expensive trampolines and you should only consider purchasing one if you’re going to be using it for multiple exercise and training purchases. You’ll also need to make sure you have an indoor area big enough to store it, because you won’t want to leave it out in the weather.

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“ Arrived early. It seems like it is heavy duty. The seams have an extra layer of fabric which is why I decided to buy this one. My last one the tabs and springs pulled out of the seams. It also has a protective coating on it, when it gets wet it beads up. It seems like a durable mat, I hope it lasts for several years. "

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“ Fantastic and 100 times better than the one that came with a new trampoline out of the box! The net is made of better materials and is better made than a new OEM. This is a win-win for anyone and if you are sitting on the fence trying to decide which one to buy, do not hesitate any longer! Buy this one and don'€™t forget about the pad which is also awesome! "

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“ Exactly what I was hoping for. Net fits my trampoline perfectly. Kids love it and am glad you were able to provide the enclosure. Thank you so much. I now have my piece of mind that kids can now jump on the trampoline and still be safe. "

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