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Trampoline Parts Center is one of only a few manufacturers/distributors of certified trampoline replacement parts.  We're glad you found us because selecting the right product is critical not only for optimum performance, but to ensure maximum safe use.  We've made finding the exact match for your trampoline part easy with the "Wizards" we post on select product pages - no matter what trampoline you own and no matter where you purchased it.  The truth is, while some parts are exactly the same, many are not.  We want you to bounce as safely and as high as you did the day you first assembled your trampoline - that's our mission.  Once you obtain the key measurements for your part, please use the "Wizard" on each product page to find the proper replacement.  During regular business hours, a knowledge product representative is also available via our toll free or live chat assistance. 

Measurements Needed for Replacement Nets:

 mini netwizard  
  • Trampoline Frame Size
  • Pole Type (Arch, Straight, Straight Curved, G3)
  • Pole Count (Number of Poles or Arches)
  • Attachment System (Sleeves or Straps)
  • Brand and Model (If Known)


Measurements Needed for Replacement Mats:

 mini matwizard  
  • Trampoline Frame Size
  • Number of Rings/Springs
  • Spring Length (Hook to Hook)
  • Mat Size


Measurements Needed for Replacement Pads:

 mini pad wizard  
  • Trampoline Frame Size
  • Spring Length (Hook to Hook)


Measurements Needed for Replacement Springs:

  • Spring Length (Hook to Hook)


Frame Size | Pad Size | Mat Size | Spring Length | Ring Count | Rectangular Trampoline | Trampoline Frame | Rectangular Pad

1. Trampoline Frame Size

This is the DIAMETER OF THE FRAME of your trampoline (from end to end).

Length x Width (end to end) for square and rectangular shaped trampolines.

You should take at least 2 to 3 separate measurements to make sure you arrive at the same measurement.

The most common trampoline sizes are 8 ft, 10 ft, 12 ft, 13 ft, 14 ft, 15 ft, & 16 ft.




2. Trampoline Mat Size


For the best results take multiple measurements from different points, making sure you are measuring in the middle of the mat.

Keep in mind that your original mat may be stretched and will give you an inaccurate measurement. To find the correct replacement mat it is best to use the Frame Size, Spring Size, and Ring Count.


3. Trampoline Spring Length


You should take at least 2 to 3 separate measurements to make sure you arrive at the same measurement.

Typical spring sizes range from 4.75” – 9”.


4. Trampoline Ring Count

Count how many STEEL RINGS are on your mat, or how many SPRING HOLES are in your frame to find your ring count.

You should take at least 2 to 3 separate counts to make sure you arrive at the same number.

Typical spring counts range from 72 – 104.

how to measure your steel rings


5. Rectangular Trampolines

Measuring A Rectangular Trampoline Mat

Measured in LENGTH x WIDTH (edge of mat to edge of mat) WITHOUT including the steel rings.

You should take at least 2 to 3 separate measurements to make sure you arrive at the same measurement.

You always want to have your frame size, spring size, and spring count to make sure your new mat will fit.


6. Measuring A Rectangular Trampoline Frame

Measured in LENGTH x WIDTH (end of frame to end of frame).



7. Measuring A Rectangular Trampoline Pad

3 Measurements are Needed:

  1. Length of Trampoline Frame.
  2. Width of Trampoline Frame.
  3. Spring Length.

Rectangular trampoline pads have three measurements: the Length and Width of the trampoline frame which will cover the size of the frame, and the width of the pad itself, which will cover the length of the springs.

To measure your frame, please refer to the "Measuring A Square Trampoline Frame" instructions above.

You should take at least 2 to 3 separate measurements to make sure you arrive at the same measurement.

To measure the width of your pad, you will want to measure from the outer edge of the frame to the beginning of the mat, past the v-rings. It is important that the all springs and v-rings are entirely covered to prevent injury. 



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