13 Foot Trampoline Mats

Replacing your old, worn out 13 foot trampoline mat (also known as a trampoline bed or jumping surface) is crucial to the safety of your children. We offer both a standard line of 13 foot trampoline mats, as well as premium versions of the same size. 13 foot standard replacement trampoline mats are made of the same materials as the premium versions, except the premium 13 foot trampoline mats are constructed quite differently. SkyBound’s premium 13 foot trampoline mats feature thicker steel rings, a higher stitch count to keep the v-rings more secure, and most notably, the trademark yellow “SunGuard” strip. Any item that sits outdoors long enough will breakdown due to UV ray damage, however, the “SunGuard” strip on these premium 13 foot trampoline mats will deteriorate first, helping to ensure the the stitching (that holds the v-rings to the mat) lasts as long as possible and also serves as an early warning sign to replace your 13 foot trampoline mat.


Materials & Craftsmanship

All 13 foot trampoline mats are made with a blend of carbon and a synthetic material called polypropylene. In order to reduce costs on lower end models, some manufacturers of trampolines and 13 foot replacement trampoline mats blend cheaper materials resulting in unsafe trampoline mats that quickly erode under the sun’s UV-rays. Unfortunately, these cheaper materials are undetectable to the naked eye. SkyBound’s 13 foot trampoline mats on their trampolines and their replacement trampoline mats for all brands of trampolines are all composed of only high quality materials ensuring the safety of your children.


Measuring Your Trampoline Mat


Because a precise fit is key to the safety and performance of your trampoline, finding the correct 13 foot replacement trampoline mat may seem like a daunting task. However, we make it easy to find the perfect 13 foot trampoline mat with only three key pieces of information, the first being your trampoline's frame diameter, then your spring (or v-ring) count, and finally the length of your springs measured from hook-end to hook-end.


What Happens When You Incorrectly Measure Your 13 foot Trampoline

A 13 foot replacement trampoline mat that is too large will feel “lifeless” and will not provide much of a bounce. A replacement trampoline mat that is too small will seem very bouncy at first due to the amount of tension from your trampoline’s springs, but the 13 foot trampoline mat will degrade quickly with the v-rings possibly popping off or bending open or the stitching unravelling within a few months. Therefore, it is crucial to measure your 13 foot trampoline correctly. For help ensuring you measured your 13 foot trampoline correctly, please contact one of our trampoline experts at 888-891-4689.


Trampoline Mat Warranty

We offer industry leading warranties for all of our replacement trampoline mats and other replacement trampoline parts. For more information regarding our warranties, please visit our warranty page.

For more information on trampoline mats, please visit our Trampoline Mat FAQ