Premium Replacement Trampoline Mats

SkyBound replacement trampoline mats meet or exceed original manufacturer standards and are guaranteed to meet your trampoline's size specifications to ensure a perfect fit. Skybound's premium trampoline mats are manufactured with thicker, stronger steel v-rings, 10 rows of heavy duty stitching, and equipped with Sunguard™, which protects these premium trampoline mat's crucial stitching from harmful UV rays and extends the life of your mat by up to 50%! These premium mats also feature a an industry leading warranty, far longer than the standard trampoline mats

Since a precise fit is key to the safety and performance of your trampoline, finding the correct trampoline mat may seem daunting, however, it can be an easy process with only three key pieces of information after measuring your trampoline. The first being your trampoline's frame diameter, then your spring (or v-ring) count, and finally the length of your springs measured from hook end to hook end. If you are missing any combination of these three pieces of information, the likelihood of a product return or exchange due to errors increases.


Measuring Your Trampoline Mat


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