Top Ring Trampoline Nets

Trampoline Nets are designed for very specific Trampoline Enclosure configurations. A few different trampoline manufacturers, most notably JumpKing (also known as Orbounder and Bazoongi) Trampolines, and Bounce Pro (also known as SportsPower) Trampolines, manufacture their trampoline safety enclosures using a "Top Ring" pole configuration. A top ring is a steel or fiberglass ring that supports the net. The rings runs along the top of the net, inside a sleeve, and is held in place by several "straight-curved" poles.

Measuring Your Trampoline Net

Because a precise fit is key to the safety and performance of your trampoline, finding the correct replacement trampoline net may seem like a daunting task. However, we make it easy to find the perfect trampoline net with only three key pieces of information. First, identify your trampoline enclosure type, then measure your frame diameter, and finally count the number of poles or arches your enclosure system utilizes.