How To Measure Your Trampoline Net

With a trampoline net, you make you and your kids’ sky-high bounces that much safer. Whether you’re adding a net to your trampoline or replacing its existing one, Trampoline Parts Center can help with our guide for how to find the right net for your trampoline.

Instructions for How To Choose Your Trampoline Enclosure System

When it comes to how to choose your trampoline enclosure, we want to find your:

  • Trampoline frame size
  • Safety enclosure style
  • Number of poles or arches


1. Measure Your Trampoline Frame

Let’s start by finding your trampoline’s diameter. Measure from one side of the frame’s outer edge to the opposite outer edge of the frame. Look at your frame as a clock. Take two measurements — one from the 3 to 9 o’clock position and a second from 12 to 6 o’clock mark. These measurements should give you the approximate size of your frame.


2. Identify Your Safety Enclosure Pole's Style

Knowing your trampoline’s type of safety enclosure poles is essential when it comes to how to find the right net for your trampoline. Safety enclosure pole styles include:

  • Straight
  • Straight Curved
  • Arched
  • Curved
  • Enclosure with Top Rings

Straight poles can vary. Some have pole caps with bolts, while others have pole caps with handles.


3. Count The Number of Poles or Arches

You may say we’ve saved the best for last with this simple step. All you and your kids need to do is count the number of poles or arches on your trampoline!

We do have one final tip for how to choose your trampoline enclosure. Know your net’s connection type:

  • Inner portion connection: Your pad for covering the springs surrounds the inside netting.
  • Outer portion connection: Your pad for covering the springs sits outside the netting.

And then, you’re ready to find your net.


Find Top-Rated Nets For Your Trampoline

At Trampoline Parts Center, we understand you want a net that’ll last. That’s why we offer our premium replacement nets that will fit your SkyBound USA trampoline and other trampoline brands, too.

Order your enclosure nets today and up the ante on your trampoline’s safety.