Trampoline Mat Replacement Guide

Trampoline mats of the garden (backyard) variety are typically made of black polypropylene material. This material is a plastic polymer that is highly flexible and strong, and also possesses a low coefficient of friction. Because of the woven nature of the polypropylene mat, surveying your mat for any holes, rips, tears, or gaps in the material is important to check for regularly. The other components that need to be inspected on the mat regularly are the stitched and sewn parts of the mat, which consist of the v-ring, v-ring webbing, and the stitching around the mat border.

If you notice holes, tears, or rips on the mat, or any other issues with sewing or stitching for the trampoline mat, you should immediately contact our customer service department to determine if your concern is covered under our warranty. It may be a good time to replace your trampoline mat to keep your kids safe and sound while using the trampoline.

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