Trampoline Net Replacement Guide

Trampoline nets are made from different types of materials, such as polyethylene, nylon, or other plastic polymers that are treated with UV resistance. Trampoline nets are woven together and sewn by machines. Trampoline nets have an opening to allow users in which will usually consist of overlapping panels, zippers, bands, or buckles.

Your trampoline net and the enclosure poles that hold up the net need to be structurally secure at all times, which is why we highly suggest inspecting your trampoline net before each use for the development of holes, tears, rips, or punctures around the net. You should also inspect the stitching and sewing around the net to see if there are any loose threads, frays, rips, or holes forming. We would also suggest inspecting the metal enclosure poles and the connection attachment to the trampoline frame for welding issues, structural rigidity, and user safety.

Because the trampoline net is a very important component for keeping jumpers safe inside the trampoline during use, you should immediately replace your net if you notice issues with your net. If you notice these issues with your net, you should immediately contact our customer service department to determine if your issue is covered under our warranty policy. It may be a good time to replace your trampoline net to keep your kids safe when bouncing on their trampoline.

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