Trampoline Pad Replacement Guide

Trampoline pads are usually comprised of a PVC vinyl top cover and/or a Polyethylene material, as well as foam panels that act as cushion. These materials are stitched and sewn to cover the foam panels within the pad. The trampoline pad is an important component of the trampoline for safety reasons, such as keeping users from contacting steel poles, springs, or the metal frame when bouncing.

Check your trampoline’s pad for any visible holes, rips, tears, or missing components, such as elastic bands or Velcro strap connections. Any damage that occurs to the stitched or sewn parts, such as the connection straps, can cause the pad to become loose during use. If you notice these issues with your pad, you should immediately contact our customer service department to determine if your issue is covered under our warranty policy. It may be a good time to replace your trampoline pad to keep your kids safe when bouncing on their trampoline.

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