Trampoline Parts Replacement Guide

Have you ever wondered when the best time is to replace your trampoline’s worn out parts? Read this trampoline part replacement guide below for tips and tricks for keeping your trampoline safe and ready to bounce, all year-round.

Lately we’ve had more customers reaching out to our support team to learn more about how to inspect their trampoline’s parts for any safety concerns and warranty issues. Taking care of your trampoline, especially during the fall and winter months when winterizing your trampoline is a common practice in colder climates, is a really smart practice for those whom live in snowy, rainy, and windy locations around the country.

If your trampoline isn’t going to get much usage during the colder months, it may be a good idea to disassemble it and store it away for the winter. We suggest inspecting your trampoline’s parts for safety concerns or issues, disassembling it, and then finally putting it away until the warmer season. Doing this will increase the lifespan of your trampoline and will prevent unnecessary rust and UV degradation to your trampoline’s mat, net, springs, and safety pad.

If you are a trampoline enthusiast or if your family has an athlete whom loves to bounce year-round, we suggest regularly inspecting your trampoline parts and replacing any worn out or damaged parts to ensure your trampoline will be safe for use at all times.

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