14ft Net and Pad Combo - BouncePro (TR-1686-TPR)

14ft Net and Pad Combo - BouncePro (TR-1686-TPR)

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About the Pad:

Our pads are mainly designed to help keep from minor pinches, bruises and cuts as well as other serious types of injuries, however, they also help aid in the preservation of the metal springs, hooks and frame of the trampoline. This pad is UV coated for added protection from the elements, cold crack protected, as well as an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial coating.

Pad Weight: PE
Pad Diameter: 14'
Pad Width: 10"
Pad Skirt: 4 in
Pad Cover Material: PE/PE
Pad Hole For Pole: N/A


About the Net:

We know most folks switch out their nets once a year, but we highly recommend swapping out nets every few months due to normal wear and tear as well as sun damage and other natural elements. Your net may not be as strong as it once was. With our replacement nets you get the security of knowing your family and friends are safely enclosed in your trampoline with our highest strength mesh nets. All of our nets are UV coated for added protection from sun damaging rays as well as anti-fungal and anti-bacterial (no rot) protectants.

This net is compatible with multiple 14' Bounce Pro Sports Power Trampolines that use 6 Straight Curved Pole with a ring around the top of the system connecting to the poles. This netting has one long heavy duty sleeve to slide the top ring through. The bottom of the net is attached by putting the V-Rings of your trampoline jumping mat through the cut-out holes on the bottom of the net. This inside design is actually safer as it will prevent the jumper from going through the safety pad and hitting your enclosure poles.

Product Category: Trampoline Enclosure Net
Net Pole Style: Straight Curved Poles
Pole Quantity: 6 Poles + Top Ring (SOLD SEPARATELY)