14ft Net and Mat Combo - Orbounder

14ft Net and Mat Combo - Orbounder

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About the Trampoline Net:


Net Only | Trampoline Poles Not Included

FUN FACT: Do you want to be an Olympic Trampoliner? First you have to master your routine! Here’s some advice: competitive trampolining must start and finish on your feet and include 10 different combinations with different rotations.

This is a safety net for 14 ft. round trampolines with a 4 straight curved pole G4 top ring enclosure system. It is the trampoline net only and DOES NOT come with replacement poles.

At TrampolinePartsCenter.com, we eat, sleep and breathe trampolines (no, seriously, we count trampolines in our sleep!) But more importantly, we pride ourselves on bringing safety to the backyards of Jumpers across the United States.

14 ft trampoline net for 4 straight curved pole with top ring enclosure system

*Your trampoline should have 4 of these

That’s why with our Power Trampoline™ safety nets, you get more than just satisfaction guaranteed; you get safety engineered into every stitch, zipper, and fabric of our trampoline nets! And we do it all for you! Here’s how:

  • UV treated coating to combat damaging ultra-violet rays and promote strength and longevity!
  • Anti-fungal/anti-bacteria to keep harmful environmental agents from living and spreading.
  • Reinforced zipper doors with extra safety hooks to eliminate accidental openings and injuries.
  • Durable, soft Polyethylene trampoline netting rather than weak nylon butterfly netting of our competitors.
  • Heavy-duty sleeves and ropes for safely securing trampoline net to enclosure system.
  • Did I mention quick and safe assembly? Just slide the top ring through the net sleeves, secure bottom through mat V-rings, and snap top ring back into pole caps (sold separately).

This is made from PE material, and has a high quality zipper with heavy duty security clips along the outside of the zipper, providing extra security and preventing accidental openings. To help preserve the net from the elements of nature this net has UV, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial coatings.

Made out of a durable and high quality mesh netting, this net will last longer and is more durable. It is also equipped with a banded rope running through the bottom sleeve around the net to help adjust the tightness of the net and double straps at the top and bottom of the net to secure onto the enclosure poles.

The bottom of this net attaches to the v-rings of your trampoline mat (sold separately) and does not go around the outside of your trampoline frame.

Some older JumpKing models have nets which go around the outside of the trampoline frame. If this is your case, this net will still work with your trampoline, it will just attach to the v-rings of your mat instead of around the outside of your frame.

This inside design is actually safer, as it will prevent the jumper from going through your safety pad and hitting your enclosure poles.

Net Pole Style: Straight Curved, G4
Pole Quantity: 4
Trampoline Size: 14 ft
Trampoline Shape: Round

This trampoline net can fit 14 ft JumpKing/ Orbounder/ Bazoongi Combo models JKCB1405, BZJP1406, OR1410, OR1413 and other models that include the G4 top ring enclosure poles.



 About the Trampoline Mat:


Trampoline Mats from TrampolinePartsCenter.com Features

Mat Only | Trampoline Springs Not Included


These special SUNGUARD mats receive a new layer of fabric over the v-ring stitching to protect against the sun damaging the stitching, which is one of the main reasons for replacing mats.

The stitching are normally exposed to the sun and they eventually wear down faster than the jumping mat itself. This can be problematic because the v-rings need the reinforcement of the stitching in order to stay intact.

With our SUNGUARD trampoline mats, the stitching will be more durable and v-rings will take a longer beating from children pouncing on the mat.


Product Details

  • Trampoline Mat Diameter: 147 Inches
  • Compatible Frame Sizes: 14 feet
  • Compatible Spring Sizes: 6.5 or 7 Inches
  • Steel V-Rings on This Mat: 72 V-Rings
  • Mat Shape: Round
  • Compatible Trampoline Brands (and Possibly Others): JumpKing, Bounce Pro, Sports Power
  • Compatible Trampoline Models (and Possibly Others): 1410, JK14TR12-7205, 1411TB, 1408-TB
  • Compatible with Trampolines Sold at these Stores (and Possibly Others): Wal-Mart