14ft Mat and Reversible Pad Combo

14ft Mat and Reversible Pad Combo

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About the Mat:

Don't throw your perfectly good trampoline away when all you need to do is replace the mat. Our trampoline jumping mats are built with the highest grade Permatron. Woven with polypropylene and loaded with carbon, our Permatron trampoline mats features high-tensile strength, outstanding UV protection, and mildew/water resistance.

Product Category: Mat or Jumping Mat
Mat Diameter Size: 147in
Mat Ring Count: 72
Mat Spring Size: 6.5" or 7" 
Mat Material: Permatron
Mat Color: Black


About the Pad:

An upgraded double-sided Poly-Vinyl Chloride (PVC) trampoline pad which allows you to enjoy your pad for twice the life when compared to the original pads! Our pads are designed with safety in mind to help prevent bruises, cuts and other serious injuries, however, these pads also help protect the springs and frame of the trampoline from rusting. This pad is UV coated for added protection from the elements as well as an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial coating.

Pad Style: Reversible (200% Life Span!)
Pad Color: Blue and Green
Pad Diameter: 14'
Pad Skirt: 4 in
Pad Cover Material: PVC/PVC