SkyBound Mini 4 Children's Trampoline - Red Polka Dots

SkyBound Mini 4 Children's Trampoline - Red Polka Dots

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  • Type: Trampolines

SkyBound Mini 4 Trampolines come in two vibrant colors, baby blue with clouds and bright red with polka dots, which are sure to encourage creative and imaginative play. A foam-padded handle bar promotes safety and stability, while the vinyl pad cover offers additional protection. SkyBound Mini 4 Trampolines helps improve childrens’ motor skills, hand-eye coordination and balance.

  • Recommended for ages: 3-6
  • Weight limit: 100 lbs


Love watching your toddler explore the big world? With the SkyBound Mini 4 Trampoline, they can take their imagination to new places, all while building their hand-eye coordination, motor skills and balance. With its safety features, our three-foot trampoline also keeps your child safe as they take out another wave of alien invaders.


At SkyBound USA, we’ve built the best mini trampoline for toddlers by using our imagination. How? Find out below:

  • SUPERIOR SAFETY: Boo-boos aren’t any fun. That’s why our mini trampolines for toddlers meet U.S. ASTM Safety Standards. They also have a galvanized steel handle bar with thick PVC foam padding that’s ready to handle bouncing all day, every day. The trampoline includes a safety pad for covering your trampoline’s springs and other metal hardware, too, which means you can watch your child have fun without worry.
  • ANY ENVIRONMENT: Rain or shine, your kids can hop aboard their three-foot trampoline. Because the Mini 4’s rubber-capped feet are water-resistant, as well as safe for indoor flooring, you can place it in your home or backyard. It’s also easy to move the Mini 4 between locations and clean its removable rubber feet. We do recommend bringing it indoors or storing it during the winter or inclement weather, though.
  • DEVELOPMENTAL GROWTH: What’s great about our trampolines for toddlers is they provide a fun experience that’s also educational — and your kids don’t even realize it! While they’re zapping aliens, they’re also improving their hand-eye coordination and building their motor and balance skills. That makes for a pretty impressive Star Commander.
  • CUSTOMIZATION: Surprise your child with our three-foot trampoline in either our red polka dots or sky blue pattern. The polka dot or cloud pattern features on our safety pad, while the handle bar and legs are red or blue.

Like our other mini trampoline for sale, as well as full-size trampolines, the Mini 4 includes our industry-leading warranty. Plus, it is available for in-store pickup at our Orange County, CA location or shipping via USPS or UPS.


Have some questions about our three-foot Mini 4 Trampoline? Great, because we’ve got answers:

  • Does the trampoline arrive assembled? No, but we include easy installation instructions to make assembling your toddler’s trampoline hassle-free.
  • What is the weight limit? The weight limit is 100 pounds per user.
  • How long does assembly take? We advise setting aside one hour for assembly.
  • Is the safety pad removable? Yes! We recommend only using the trampoline with the pad in place, however, as it’s there to protect your little adventurer.

At SkyBound USA, we’re all about providing safe, premium trampolines that offer stress-free fun for every age group, from toddlers to teens and adults. That’s why our Mini 4, three-foot trampoline is one of the best mini trampolines for toddlers.

Ready to see your child take their first bounce? Order your Mini 4 today or contact us for more information!