Enclosure Net for 15ft Trampolines - Fits 8 Straight-Curved Poles

Enclosure Net for 15ft Trampolines - Fits 8 Straight-Curved Poles

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  • Type: Nets

Product Details:

  • Compatible Enclosure Pole Type: Straight Curved
  • Top of Net Attachment Style: Bolt Secured Straps
  • Compatible Enclosure Pole Count: 8 Poles
  • Compatible Frame Sizes: 15 Feet
  • Compatible Frame Shape: Round
  • Compatible Trampoline Brands (and Possibly Others): Skywalker
  • Compatible Trampoline Models (and Possibly Others): 6005PE, SAL15G09, SSE15G, SST15G, STCW15N, STW15N, SWTC1501, SWTC15-01SAM, SWTC1503, SWTC15-03SAM, SWTC1513, SWTC1591
  • Compatible with Trampolines Sold at these Stores (and Possibly Others): Unknown

Product Background:

Specifically designed to fit Skywalker trampoline models SST12G, SSE15G, 6005PE (NET), SAL15G09, SWTC1501, SWTC1591, all of which have eight enclosure poles that curve inwards at the top, and use blue enclosure pole caps with bolts (Pole Caps sold separately). Your trampoline should have eight enclosure poles. If your trampoline has six enclosure poles, you will need a different net.

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