SkyBound "Orion" Oval Trampoline

SkyBound "Orion" Oval Trampoline

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Designed and engineered to exceed expectations, the Orion is SkyBound USA’s first oval trampoline to debut in North America. The Orion trampoline comes in two size models; 10’x14’ and 11’x16’.

The Orion’s oval frame provides a bounce that users describe as being the “best of both worlds”, combining the bounce performance provided by a rectangle trampoline and a circle trampoline into an oval frame.

SkyBound’s product engineers have improved the safety features, durability, and bounce quality of the Orion flagship model by upgrading the stitching quality, increasing the steel frame diameter and tube thickness, as well as increasing the springs length and diameter thickness, and improving the paint quality and resistance to all outdoor elements.

The SkyBound Orion trampoline is backed by SkyBound’s industry-leading 10 year frame warranty (other parts warranty will vary).

SkyBound Orion Oval Trampoline

Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? With the SkyBound Orion oval trampoline, we’ve combined safety with the bounce quality of circular and rectangular trampolines, resulting in one of the world’s most responsive — and safest — oval trampolines.

SkyBound Orion 10 x 14 FT Oval Trampoline

The Details on the SkyBound Orion Oval trampoline

What makes the SkyBound Orion oval trampoline an enclosure so safe, yet so thrilling? A few reasons:

  • LIGHTNING-QUICK ASSEMBLY: Push-pin bolt technology makes setting up your SkyBound Orion a walk in the park. It’s so efficient that installations are 50 percent faster, so you can assemble your trampoline in less than two hours with the help of two or more friends. 
  • ALL-WEATHER RESISTANT: SkyBound XPE enclosure pole foam upgrades the lifespan and durability of your poles. Through improved rain, snow, wind and UV-ray protection, your SkyBound XPE enclosure foam lasts two to three times longer than standard pole foam.
  • SUPERIOR SAFETY: Safety is our priority. That’s why the SkyBound Orion oval trampoline with a safety net includes our exclusive extended safety-mat skirt. This skirt covers your trampoline’s springs to deliver a second barrier of protection.
  • ULTIMATE REBOUND: The world’s most responsive oval trampoline is the result of 88 premium 9” black powder-coated steel springs.
  • PATENTED SAFETY NET: Install your trampoline’s safety net with ease through our velcro straps and PVC top-sleeves — no hardware or tools are needed.
SkyBound Orion 10 x 14 FT Oval Trampoline


While the bounce quality of the SkyBound Orion oval trampoline is in a whole other realm, idt still features our 10-year frame warranty. It also shares our shipping options, which include pickup at our Orange County, CA warehouse or ground shipping.

Go Sky-High With Your SkyBound Orion Oval rampoline

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