Trampoline Enclosure System U-bolts - 1.5" Wide

Trampoline Enclosure System U-bolts - 1.5" Wide

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Remember, safety first! Secure your trampoline enclosure to your trampoline with these premium grade zinc plated U-Bolts with longer lasting protection from rust.


- 1 U-bolts + Steel
- 1 Spacer
- 2 nuts and plastic end caps



-Minimum Inner Width (at the end of the arch) measures 1.5 Inches

-Maximum Inner Width (before threading begins) measures 1.75 inches


*It is always important to measure the width of your trampoline legs prior to purchasing U-bolts! This U-Bolt will fit on a trampoline leg with a maximum width of 1.65" while many legs may have a diameter of 2".